Bowerbird Productions

What we do

The Bowerbird Collective creates new multimedia work that tells conservation stories, with the aim of strengthening emotional connections to the natural world. We tour extensively, with a focus on performing in regional areas, and work with national and international conservation organisations to further their objectives.

Bowerbird Productions provides outstanding concert experiences to audiences and artists across the world. We have produced over 150 events in Australia, the UK and North America. We strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for all our events. While connecting audiences with the finest musicians of our time, a core aim of our production, touring and management services is to give artists a sense of connection with people, place and the environment.

In addition, we create compelling social media content for National Parks and eco-tourism partners, incorporating music, videography and soundscapes. Get in touch with your vision.

Anthony Albrecht

Anthony Albrecht | Co-founder and Producer

With a passion for making classical music accessible and relevant in the 21st century, cellist Anthony Albrecht began producing concerts shortly after graduating from The Juilliard School in 2014. With an international performance career, he has developed a reputation as an impresario of world-class events characterised by generosity, outreach and connection to issues of social justice, conservation and sustainability.

Simone Slattery

Simone Slattery | Co-founder and Curator

Violinist and composer Simone Slattery is one of Australia’s most versatile young musicians and creators. She performs across Australia and internationally as both soloist and ensemble member, holds a PhD from the University of Adelaide, and was a 2019 Churchill Fellow. Her compositions have been performed across the world, and her artistic creations described as "stunning".